This page is dedicated to Verghiz, brave clan enforcer at the Anarchy Online world of Rubi-Ka. Rest in peace!

Current level: 34               Home city: Tir              Clan: Black Steel

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TN_Blue enforcer.JPG (2945 bytes) Picture of the day 20.11.:
Blue enforcer
Goals that won't be completed ever:
- Run from Athen to Tir
- Visit Rome
- Purchase a ground vehicle
Completed goals:
- Run from Athen to Borealis
- Run from Newland to Tir
- Run from Borealis to 4Holes
- Visit Omni-1

4.1.2002 Cancelled AO account. Verghiz decided that it is time leave AO and move to another online game. Hasta la vista, Anarchy Online!

22.11.2001 Very short and easy mission at Meetmedere.

21.11.2001 Did two missions inside Tir. Its getting more difficult to gain money and XP from missions.

20.11.2001 Joined  Black Steel clan, great group of czech players. Most of them at high levels. Then did two missions with Cistic at Varmint Woods, where earned some xp and a bunch of money. Advanced to lvl 34.

18.11.2001 After unsuccessful attempt to enter Black Steel clan Verghiz went hunting. He joined the great team at Greater Tir, where was new base conctructed near the bot mountain. The team hunted at Scorpiod pit. There were dozens of scorpiods there, instantly respawning and getting killed by brave clanners. Verghiz successfully advanced to  level 33 after a short while. Truly great hunt!

17.11.2001 Met some czech players at Avalon, got some great pieces of armor from them. Unfortunately, all of them around lvl 60, so couldn't join them. Did one mission at Athen Shire. Leveled to 30.

16.11.2001 Short exploration journey at Broken Shores. Several times got killed by vultures, wolfs and big green worms called Arun Tearer. Then shopped a bit. No XP at all.

15.11.2001 After exploring Omni Entertainment, Verghiz run through the bridge to Omni HQ. There he has seen large Omni Peacekeepers and other guards, but no Omni employees at all. Philip Ross must be worried of the Clans a lot! All of the Omni employees seem to live at Omni Trade. How nicer are wide streets of Tir and fair city of Newland! How Verghiz hates big cities, except noble Athen! After returning back using the grid Verghiz did a small solo mission at Aegean and then whompad to the Broken Shores. At the shop there he purchased great pants.

14.11.2001 After long patch download vandered at Omni Entertainment. Visited Rompa bar, but no bartender wanted to sell drink and Omni employees were proud and rude. Verghiz feels much better at the desert.

13.11.2001 Completed mission at Newland Desert, right in the middle of the Rhinomen village, and received some nice XP. At the end of the day visited Omni entertainment.

12.11.2001 Two successful solo missions. First one at the Longest Road. When running from and to the second mission spot at Stret West Bank, Verghiz almost got killed by Rollerrat queens. Second mission consisted of the hugest and nicest mining cave Verghiz has ever seen at any mission dungeon. Verghiz was very happy when safely returned to Athen after reached lvl 28 and 30th mission token. After completing missions Verghiz returned to Tir, where he jimped right in the middle of the event. Group of powerful cyborgs attacked Tir outposts. Verghiz joined the meelee and got killed two times. There was huge crowd there and the sand was soon covered with pieces of meat. Unfortunately, at the end server crashed. The experience of war has been truly great.

11.11.2001 Soloed succesful mission at Metmedere forest. By mistake entered political zones at Stret East Bank and Metmedere and got killed two times, thankfully without XP loss. Then tried to complete mission at Wailing Wastes, which was unsuccessful. At the end explored Athen West a bit. Verghiz is going to gain lvl 28 and 30th mission token soon.

9.11.2001Tried to help a doc with missions - two times failed. Then Verghiz visited interesting political meetinng at Newland. Several Omni employees were recruiting there. It was pretty crowdy there, in fact the hugest crowd Verghiz has ever seen. Lots of beautiful girls. Despite the crowd, no unplayable lag occured. AO is finally going to be stable. After that Verghiz visited night club at Newland. There he met Adoreable, lovely girl. Soon they got pretty close, and again, and again. Then Verghiz did successful solo mission at Stret west bank. Running to the mission, Verghiz discovered strange strip of clouds at the sky at Holes in the wall. When he returned from mission, it was still there. Very successful session, indeed.

7.11.2001 Some hunting at Newland desert. Verghiz reached lvl 27. Died several times. At the end, Verghiz first time tried The Grid and jumped to Omni Trade. Personal goal completed! Omni 1 is worth future exploring. Verghiz is curious if Omni whompas will transfer him.

5.11.2001 Great run to 4Holes. Started at Newland, where Verghiz encountered a really big ship. Then whopad to Borealis and runned through Holes in the Wall to Stret West Bank, where Verghiz entered the asphalt road for the first time in his life. Then he got accidentally killed by aggro minibull when tried to get the best photo on the bridge. Second attempt was much better. Verghiz visited the enormous Omni-pol base at Stret West Bank. Crossed the river by the large bridge. Successfully reached Omni mines at 4Holes, but wasn't able to enter to Manic Miner bar. Trying to find the whompas, Verghiz visited 2 out of 4 holes, before he get killed by the lurking vulture. After all, he felt satisfied. Then a little hunt  at Newland desert and some little XP. It's enough of exploration for now, time to build up and get rich.

2.11.2001 Painful, but great run from Omnitech base at Newland Desert to Tir. After short hunt with a party  of high lvls, Verghiz decided to run home directly through the desert, not using Newland whompass. Met many strange creatures:Tree stalker, Goldhorns, Minibull and  Gofle. Fought many battles, especially with agro mobs like Scorpiod. Got killed countless times. One time got killed at the very gate to Greater Tir County by huge sandworms. But at the end he succesfully reached home. Although every little piece of XP were lost when Verghiz got killed, he was very satisfied by the adventure and exploration. There seems to be the time to try southern lands, maybe Omni 1 itself.

31.10.2001 Halloween Night. The night when the storyline started. Verghiz returned from Borealis and got a new mission located at Newland desert. On the way Verghiz visited the new club at Newland and took his own part at Halloween party with two lovely girls. Then he run to the mission through the desert of Rhinomen. What a surprise, when reaching the mission area, Verghiz was invited by the Omnitech soldiers guarding their outpost and proclaiming the amnesty!

14.10.2001 Nice day. When started at Athens, got a mission at Stret West Bank. Without a scrap of map, Verghiz traveled far and completed his duty. On the way back, he discovered nice city, where he chatted with NPC Eddie the Giant. He continued through Holes in the wall to Borealis.  At the end he hunted a bit with two guys. Not much XP, but a lot of fun and exploring.

8.10.2001 Bad day. One mission at Aegean completed without token and then got killed by the rat lurking in front of the dungeon, another mission was too much hard. Verghiz hates snakes!

7.10.2001 After two successfull nights of soloing at Aegean and Rocky Outcrops Verghiz reached lvl 25. He's getting adult!

29.9.2001 Verghiz took part in great hunt at Rocky Outcrops with Carnow and several other lads. Leveled to 22, only 400 exp points needed to 23.

24.9.2001 Verghiz returned to Rubi-Ka after a short period aok. He tried one easy mission and two tough ones - and succeeded. When completing hard missions he several times has to run from wild creatures in the wilderness. He leveled to lvl 20.

31.8.2001 Verghiz spoiled easy mission. After cleaning up dungeon southeast of Tir he finally encountered main boss and wanted to kill him with the stupid ritual dagger. But at the end he used Brawl skill and killed the bad guy with it, thus didn's finished the mission. After that Verghiz wanted to hunt a bit to reach level 20, but at the rock south of the Tir crater farm he encountered several blubbags at their respawn spot. After killing dozen of them he got overwhelmed and died. Thankfully, he saved on the way from mission to the rock, so alll the exp was not lost. But Verghiz still remains at level 19.

29.8.2001 Since Verghiz bought two excellent executioners (with the help of Kartren and Sunreal), he tried solo missions. And it worked pretty well. Verghiz did 2 missions at Tir County and reached level 18. Then he run to Greater Tir County, where he hunted his first own bronto and killed with the help of no one else.  Verghize become a true bronto hunter. Then Verghiz did 2 more solo missions at Greater Tir County and reached level 19. With the help of his ugly red helmet, Verghiz is becoming stronger.

27.8.2001 Verghiz started at Camelot in storm. Then tried to run all the way from Athen to Tir. Reached ridge above Athen, Aegan, Crossroad to Newland and marvelous narrow bridge at Vermint Woods. Encountered many dangerous creatures, some of them avoided and run away other. But finally got killed by some huge two-headed wolf. Pity, because he was closing to Tir. Great trip, anyway. Then Verghiz formed group with Yelram, Dinkdink, Faalkon and Tynkles.   A while Verghiz led the hunt, but then Dinkdink took leadership and went  hunting to Rocky Outcrops north of Tir. That was worth enough, Verghiz did lots of XP and advanced to 17th level.

26.8.2001 Great day for Verghiz! First two hours a clean pain - did 5000 xp with Kartren an then lost them by getting died at the hunt. Then tried solo mission - died again at dungeon filled with rollerrats. Then got recruited by Arkian. And that was a breakpoint - Verghiz did lvl 15 with that group, hunting huge spiders and brontos and venomous malles. Then Verghiz did solo mission (after thanksgiving to gods) and succeeded again! Great day for Verghiz.

25.8.2001 Did 2 missions at the country and 1 at Tir. Leveled to 14. Quite a nice session. Played with implants a bit - trying to become a cyborg. Next level should advance in title - needed for raising meelee skills.

24.8.2001 Due to some tech problms didn't played a lot. Tried to get to Omni areas - got killed by sandworm at Broken Shores desert. Then accomplished 3 missions - achieved lvl 13. Had problem with med machine - unable to install implants. And at the very end bought cool sunglasses!

23.8.2001 No single exp point today. Logged on, ported to Newland - crash. Ported to Borealis - crash. Traveled around Borealis, some nice pics from Newland, ported to Old Athens, went outside to Athens West - servers gone down. Anyway, got time to arrange this page up.

As fo profession title, it should raise up when reached lvl 15. Hope it works correctly - met many dockers highly above lvl 20.

22.8.2001 Lvl12. Got some spells and COOL snow leopard coat. Terribly expensive. Cannot raise some skills because of title. How to raise my profession title?

21.8.2001 Bad day at all. Got killed from the final mission bastard, lost 1500 XP.

17.8.2001 My first group hunt. Killed two dinos. Lvl 10, 11 soon.

Greetings to Sunreal, Carnow, Kartren, Hergoth and other brave souls.

Goodbye.jpg (18194 bytes)

Goodbye at Rubi-Ka!